Book on Golden Temple released

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Book on Golden Temple released

A coffee table book titled ‘Sachkhand Sri Harimandir Sahib’, with as many as 180 photographs of the Golden Temple and its premises spanning seasons, festivals, celebrations and moods through the year, was released Wednesday.

Besides Hindi, English and Punjabi, the book also has texts in Dutch, French and Spanish.

Released at an inter-faith gathering in Ludhiana by religious heads from Hindu, Sikh, Muslim and Christian communities, the author and eminent photographer, Ranjodh Singh, said the idea behind the book is to project that “Golden Temple is a temple of humanity and for not Sikhs alone”.

Punjabi texts, there is a supplementary book which has translations in Spanish, French and Dutch. Lakhs of foreigners come to visit the Golden Temple but return without knowing its history and facts.”

Not only sunrise to sunset and Diwali to Gurpurab at the temple, Ranjodh has also captured various visitors to the shrine. “People from different parts of the world have faith in the temple. They have one religion and humanity. I have also captured diverse visitors coming from various states, even other countries.”